A reflection on the


Designing is nothing more than an effective way of generating communication, where the function is sought before the form and this in turn responds to a principle, an aesthetic characteristic of that which is to be communicated and that is not more than the design itself

The design itself has a paradox against what is communicated and the role that the viewer, the creator and the elements that compose it take; This design is nothing more than an attempt at imposition that becomes effective the more subtle it is.

My creations

An organization that offers services in areas such as technology, the environment, design and sociology. Each of them represented in one color. I am the creator of the brand and the manager of among others, everything related to design, SEO, marketing and public relations.

It all started with the need to wear clothes consistent and consistent with my preferences in terms of fashion is concerned, I end up in what is today Loose Designs a brand of textile garments printed on demand.

Drawing book

One of the things I like to do when things do not go well is to draw, clarify and direct my decisions in each stroke. This is a digital copy of that notebook.

\\cR colección Rorikon

A Social Network and an Artistic Project that I direct; for me a website with a huge potential in which I do social research regarding the inclusion of the concept of Japan Idol and kawaii aesthetics in Western culture, but especially in Latin America.

Matter of



I love rethinking Design from a more open look, beyond categories such as Graphic, Industrial, fashion ...


Being a developer and hacker gives me greater capabilities to do just what I want, as I want it.


My training as a Sociologist leads me to better understand what a social group is looking for and how to design for and for them.

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All my creations always end up growing more than I expected, so one more pencil in the designs is not a bad idea at all.

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