When self-proclaimed Hacker, I am not claiming that I am a criminal who is dedicated to stealing bank accounts online at night (that would be a cracker), rather it has to do with the enthusiasm that generates me to unravel the operation of an online service, or of a physical product in order to correct it, copy it, adapt it or improve it.

Something that motivates me as a hacker is to share my knowledge with the communities to which I owe exactly that knowledge given selflessly and that I acquired in a self-taught way. Now not necessarily knowledge related to computer security; Things like using the butter wrap when cooking rice to give it a special touch also counts.

My Projects

It is a small CMS web born with the need to provide a much lighter solution than the already known Drupal, Joomla or WordPress; dispensing with little-used functionalities, but picking up essential characteristics of its competitors

< \\cR > Development

Rorikon collection is a social network based on a large number of Mottoki libraries, and like this uses CodeIgniter as PHP framework in the backend and Angular in the frontend. Much of your code is free and available in your repository

Renault 4Ever

An ambitious project to convert our beloved Renault 4 of 91 into a zero emission electric car, which then motivates other owners of this legendary vehicle to keep the spirit of the Colombian "faithful friend" alive.

Villa Ines

It will be a self-sustaining and domotized small farm where we will build a cabin equipped with all kinds of IOT devices that seek to be a pioneer and model in clean energies; the path that the homes of the future must take.

Something you found interesting?

Let's work together

All my projects never finish developing and it takes me more effort to develop them than I thought; so a few lines of code, or a screwdriver more is not a bad idea at all.

That you are better

Think about what is natural to create and what you can contribute. you do not have to be PRO level in skill to join

Contact me

Tell me what you have in mind, a message through any social network, or by mail is enough. I will answer you as soon as possible.

To fight for the cause

We specify that you are going to work, a communication channel, some tasks to complete and you are already within the community.